Proven Formula To Achieve Kindergarten Reading Success

Between the age of 5 and 6, most children start to read. Every parent wants to see milestones and miracles of family life when their child transit from a nonreader to one who can entertain and educate with books.

Accurate reading at kindergarten with fluidly is a crucial set of skills for children’s success. In the early years of primary education usually, we devote kids to read using scientifically proven methods which is to ensure that all kid is equipped with reading at grade level.

But in many cases, in a large chunk of kids about one in three who don’t master the reading skills. There needs a lot of effort to teach them to learn & read in a sophisticated way. The road for such children is a difficult one. Although many children use their intelligence to cover the holes in their skill set. In case they are not shown the right path it will get harder and the reading grows more complex for them & these children will find they are unable to keep up with the other students.

In this article, we have mentioned some proven formulas to enhance the reading skills of your children during the kindergarten stage.

  1. The right set of Reading Materials: Do you know what happens to children if they don’t get the right set of instructions for reading. They are not either disabled or with neurological problems but their school teachers have failed to feed the right reading techniques. So, what don’t you just become the reading teacher of your child? We will help you for the same. Click here to improve the reading skills of your children at the kindergarten stage.
  2. The right way of teaching to read at the kindergarten stage: Identify the area of reading education that has been as thoroughly studied and discussed as the best way to teach students to read. Talk about different pedagogical approaches and different philosophies about reading instructions.
  3. Adopt proper reading lessons: Adopt a balanced literacy approach for children’s reading training. Balanced literacy focuses more to work on letters and letter sounds. Deliver progressive explicit phonics lessons to make children become competent and confident readers during their kindergarten stage.
  4. Establish a “literacy block”: Dedicate some minutes a day for kindergarten reading activities. At the same time as a parent or teacher, you also need to learn the scientific ways to help kids to learn to read.
  5. “Wait & See” Approach: If the kid is not moving forward then be prepared to take action. Engage with a kid more in sophisticated forms of word study.


The purpose of this blog is to be aware of the reading ability growth of your child during the kindergarten stage. The below-mentioned item will help you to take a closer look at your child with scientifically proven methods.

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